Thanksgiving, Christmas Diet Recipe Food Swaps

 The Turkey Day countdown is here. Dieters like me dread the Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas New Year's trifecta. Maybe you observe Hanukkah
, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Epiphany, Reveillon (the French and Acadian midnight feast after mass)-- they all involve feasting.

I've lost 93 pounds and write about +How-I-lost-weight . My Diet-tip-of-the-day is don't waste the hard work on holiday binges. My Diet-recipe-of-the-day posts from now through mid January will be on low calorie holiday food swaps. Today's food switches--turkey, ham, gravy.  Thanksgiving Diet Recipe Food Swaps Turkey and Trimmings

Free Printable Advent Calendar Crafts

Advent is a penitential season that starts four weeks before Christmas in +Catholic and +Orthodox-christian churches. As in lent (before Easter) we pray, fast and give alms to prepare our hearts for the "coming" (advent) of Christ (from the Latin "adveniat regnum"--coming of Christ's kingdom.) The first Sunday of Advent in 2013 is December 1. Here are printable advent calendars for kids. Free Printable Advent Calendar Crafts for Kids

Unsubscribe from Shopping Emails and Save Money

For most of our married life, we've lived debt-free. Then we hit hard times and rang up $22,000 in debt. We paid that all off a few years ago and have stayed solvent since. Not only has this helped our budget, it's helped our relationship. Money is the root of problems between couples. This holiday season, for peace on earth, in your home if not the world, cut spending. Do yourself a financial and emotional health favor. Read on Unsubscribe from Shopping Emails to Save Money

Hebrew Hammer is Holiday Neo-Classic

With Halloween kitsch out of the way, we can turn our attention to the real holidays--Diwali, Chanukah, Christmas and Kwaanza. Right? Well, maybe not. For all you who are a little over and way past the holiday schmaltz, have I got a show for you. First a little history. Schmaltz Aside, Hebrew Hammer is Holiday Neo-Classic

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