Cheap Christmas stocking stuffers, candy alternatives: 100+ party prizes, cheap gifts for kids

Raise your hand if you overspend on kids at Christmas. Well, you're not alone. A lot of folks are in debt but still over-indulge at the holidays. It's time to rein in that spending and here are ideas to do that. Use this list of super-cheap but nice stocking stuffers. Fill the stocking for about $5 bucks with cute nice toys and Christmas gifts and WITHOUT candy! lol Halloween alternatives: 100+ non-food, non-candy Trick-or-Treat prizes, giveways

Halloween candy for Christmas? Why Not? Halloween candy leftovers use-up recipes, holiday gift-giving ideas

Looking for ways to use up Trick-or-treat candy leftovers? Try one of these healthy ways to use up leftover Halloween goodies in Christmas gifts, holiday recipes and donations.  With the holiday season fast approaching there will be lots more candy to deal with. Use these ideas there too. Halloween candy leftovers use-up recipes, ways to reuse stale candy from Trick-or-Treat

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