Kim Kardashian, Kanye West show off Christmas tree

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came out of their social media hiatus to flaunt her assets, his mental wellness, and their Christmas decorations. The couple's endured a series of unfortunate events lately, including Kardashian-West's Paris attack and Kanye's subsequent (and possibly related) emotional meltdown, and rehab stint. After rumors of a Kimye split, they made a valiant effort to appear a happy, normal couple in a holiday video. What's really up with the reality TV family? Kim Kardashian, Kanye West come out to flaunt assets, wedded bliss, and big Christmas tree

Cheap Christmas stocking stuffers, candy alternatives: 100+ party prizes, cheap gifts for kids

Raise your hand if you overspend on kids at Christmas. Well, you're not alone. A lot of folks are in debt but still over-indulge at the holidays. It's time to rein in that spending and here are ideas to do that. Use this list of super-cheap but nice stocking stuffers. Fill the stocking for about $5 bucks with cute nice toys and Christmas gifts and WITHOUT candy! lol Halloween alternatives: 100+ non-food, non-candy Trick-or-Treat prizes, giveways

Halloween candy for Christmas? Why Not? Halloween candy leftovers use-up recipes, holiday gift-giving ideas

Looking for ways to use up Trick-or-treat candy leftovers? Try one of these healthy ways to use up leftover Halloween goodies in Christmas gifts, holiday recipes and donations.  With the holiday season fast approaching there will be lots more candy to deal with. Use these ideas there too. Halloween candy leftovers use-up recipes, ways to reuse stale candy from Trick-or-Treat

DIY crafts: Homemade polar fleece no-sew blanket and pillow sets, gift crafts

 Christmas in June? Well, no not really, but it's good to start DIY crafts and gift crafts for Christmas during the summer. Does the holiday season find you making DIY crafts? Here are budget gift crafts and DIY crafts for kids holiday gifts. A good way to organize and save money on gift crafts is with themed giving. Each holiday season, choose a theme and create gift crafts for each person on your list from that theme. You can do gift baskets, books, hobbies or games. This year, how about a polar fleece no-sew blanket and pillow theme? DIY crafts: Homemade polar fleece no-sew blanket and pillow sets, gift crafts |

Healthy brunch recipes to use up leftover stale bread, holiday leftovers

Hosting a New Year's Day brunch? The last thing you need, after the spending extravaganza that was Christmas, is something more to spend money on. New Year's Day is the time for resolutions to cut back. So how about recipes to use up holiday leftovers, particularly stale bread, rolls, muffins and baked goods. Don't pitch stale bread. Put leftover stale bread in a bag in the fridge (separate sweet bread from savory). Gather up holiday leftovers of meat, sausage, cheese, dried fruit, nuts and eggs (don't forget the separated egg yolks and whites leftover from recipes). Use up leftover vegetables from veggies trays and holiday cooking (bits of onion, green pepper, mushrooms, etc.). When you have enough. repurpose holiday leftovers in yummy recipes that use up leftover stale bread so it doesn't go to waste. Remember these use up recipes won't have exact measurements and maybe not even specific ingredients. It all depends on what leftovers you have and how much you have leftover.  Healthy brunch recipes to use up leftover stale bread, holiday leftovers |

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