Distinctive, Inexpensive Items to Add to a Holiday Gift Basket

Inexpensive, Distinctive Items to Include in a Holiday Gift Basket
Holiday gift baskets make an ideal present. Gift baskets can be personalized based on hobby or interest. Gift baskets can be made inexpensively. Here are ten items to include in a gift basket. read more

Reusable Ways to Wrap Christmas and Holiday Gifts

25 Green, Creative and Reusable Ways to Wrap Presents Christmas decorations and wrapping paper are an industry of their own. Shoppers spend millions each holiday season on wrapping paper and trim; all of which goes to landfills after Christmas. Green solutions are a must. read more

Cheap, Homemade Personalized Gift Baskets

Homemade Inexpensive, Personalized Gift Baskets Holiday gift baskets have been a popular gift item for some time now. Some of us have found ways to create personalized gift baskets based on interest. What is more challenging is to create inexpensive gift baskets. read more

Christmas Word Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles and Games

Free Printable Thanksgiving Party Puzzles and Word Games Written for Thanksgiving, you'll find links for Christmas activities and party games with free printable holiday games, word games, puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Liven up classroom lessons with puzzles and games. Share with family and friends for holiday get-togethers. read more

Christmas Countdown Calendar Craft

Advent Math, Writing Project Craft Teach some math and social studies as well as giving with this advent craft. Perfect Christmas and Advent holiday countdown craft for children. read more

Free Printable Advent Jesse Tree Ornaments and Activities

Free Printable Jesse Tree Coloring, Ornaments and Activities root shall spring up from the stump of Jesse's lineage'. This Bible passage foretells the birth of the Messiah. During Advent, symbols are hung on the Jesse Tree to represent the story of Jesus. For free printable Jesse Tree... read more

Free Printable Christmas Nativity Bible Coloring Book

Free Printable Advent Christmas Countdown Coloring Book Advent is the Christian season of preparation before Christmas. Advent is the equivalent of Lent before Easter. Here is a free printable Advent countdown to Christmas book with coloring and Bible activities for each day. read more

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