Budget Homemade Holiday Centerpiece Like Crate and Barrel

I shopped recently at Crate and Barrel at Somerset Mall near Detroit. Lovely store; very expensive. Crate and Barrel was displaying beautiful holiday centerpieces. So being a DIYer, I made mental notes on how to create these holiday crafts cheaper with natural, recycled sources.

Crate and Barrel holiday centerpiece with table runner: Instead of the traditional centerpiece interior decorators are featuring table runners with holiday decor lined up down the length of the table. Buy a table runner for a buck at Dollar Tree and under $5 at Walmart or Family Dollar.

For holidays, choose table runners in rich fabrics: brocade, tapestry, linen, satin, velvet or lace. Look for bold colors: gold, silver, crimson, blue, emerald, black.

Or repurpose with a piece of favorite fabric. Perhaps you have a piece that matches your curtains? Or an old curtain valance? Cut a piece the length of your dining room table. Leave a little overhang or cut it shorter. Hem raw edges or if you hate sewing, fold edges over, press and secure with heavy tape.

For accent pieces, take a walk outdoors and select dry leaves, twigs, pine cones and acorns. Spray paint with a $3 can of gold or silver spray paint. Gilt edges or thoroughly paint. Place on newspaper. Spray one side. Allow to dry. Flip and spray the other side.

Arrange painted items along the table runner with several strands of contrasting Christmas tree bead garlands. For Christmas, paint foliage gold and use red and green beads. For Hanukkah decor paint the foliage silver and display with blue bead garlands. Or use four candles--3 blue or purple and one pink-- and make an advent wreath.

Add a lace or fabric ribbon or bow. Place three pillar candles of alternating heights on holiday platter in the center of the table. Choose any color that complements your seasonal colors.

Dress up candles by tying velvet ribbon bow around center. Using hot glue or Glue Dots or beading pins, add festive appliques, buttons, faux gems, sequins, beads. This same display retailed for over $150 at Crate and Barrel.

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